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Have You Tested Your Sprinkler System?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The fact that Texas summers get hot, with a confusing mixture of dryness and humidity, is not a national secret. Sweet summertime in The Lone Star State doesn’t discriminate.

The effects of the heat can be seen everywhere. If they’re not taken care of, lawns can take a real beating all year long, but especially during the steamy summer months. The hotter temperatures in Texas might cause many residents to resort to dragging garden hoses all over their properties, in an attempt to bring life to brown grass and dying flowers or plants. An irrigation system in a climate like San Antonio is a vital component to keeping greenery in a thriving state. Once the lawn irrigation system is appropriately installed, the responsibility of keeping it running perfectly should be a top priority.

Test Your Lawn Irrigation System

Testing A Lawn Irrigation System Is Important

A lawn irrigation system that doesn’t receive proper maintenance checks maximizes water waste by an estimated 50%. That is a whopping amount of water that is not going to its intended location. Water can be lost to irrigation issues such as runoff and evaporation, among others. Wasting that amount of water wreaks havoc on the environment, and makes for a nice surprise on future utility bills.

Irrigation systems should be checked at least once a month to guarantee optimal performance. Eradicating leaky valves, clogged nozzles and leaking or tilted heads will help reduce waste and keep the system running properly.

Did you know the San Antonio City Council passed a water conservation ordinance in 2006 requiring properties 5 acres or larger that have an in-ground irrigation system, or properties that use over 1 million gallons of water for irrigation in the prior calendar year to complete an annual irrigation checkup by May 1 of each year? This is an ordinance and there are fines if not abided by.

Clearly, routinely testing each working irrigation system is important for bigger reasons than maintaining a green lawn. A poorly working system can cause public health and environmental issues. Diligent upkeep will prevent widespread problems while contributing to an aesthetic landscape.


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