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Keeping up with the Roof of Your Home

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

A new roof can potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars. But, it’s quite a costly affair, and not everyone can afford it. But the best way to make sure the roof of a house doesn’t create major damages like leaks or ventilation issues that affect the air in the home is through good old-fashioned maintenance. If homeowners check in with their roof from time to time, they can drastically prolong its lifespan, and save some money on very drastic repairs.

Most Common Roof Issues

Residents in San Antonio know what the weather can do to the integrity of the house. When a tornado hit back in 2017, many homeowners had to deal with a lot of unexpected repairs to their homes. But these problems don’t just appear because of unpredictable weather. Poor maintenance can influence the home negatively too. The damages don’t show up as sudden as they do after a storm, but they can be just as great, and cost just as much.

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With routine roof maintenance, homeowners can stop worrying about common issues such as:

● Leaks;

● Moisture;

● Pest infestation;

● Blistering;

● Poor ventilation;

● Overgrown trees;

● Clogged gutters;

● Mold;

● Ponding water.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid these issues.

1. Routinely Checking the Roof

Even just a routine visual checkup can alert homeowners that something is off with their roof. Other damages that take place inside the house are easier to spot than the ones that affect the roof. Most people don’t just go up the ladder to have a look from time to time. But they should. Checking the attic ceiling for any cracks or leaks, and looking at the outdoors for anything out of the ordinary can allow homeowners to fix any problems with their roof when they first appear - and when they’re cheaper to address.

2. Having a Regular Professional Inspection

Most homeowners don’t know exactly what to look for. Sure, some problems might be very visible, but for the more subtle ones, it takes a trained eye to spot them. These issues can easily be fixed by having a professional roof inspection, even if just once a year. Many roofers even offer free inspections, and will only charge homeowners for repairs, not for looking at the roof.

3.The Surroundings Matter Too

San Antonio is known for some pretty powerful storms. And, if there are any trees overgrown with branches hanging on the roof, that’s a potential disaster. Strong winds can even break these branches, which will fall and hurt the integrity of the roof. As such, homeowners should routinely trim these branches. This also helps to avoid leaves clogging the gutters, or small animals climbing on the roof.

4. Gutters Need Help Too

Many of us forget about the gutters, which is a shame. Healthy gutters can protect the entire home from damage, and homeowners should have them routinely checked for clogs and have them professionally cleaned. This way, water won’t build up on the roof and damage the shingles or leak into the house. And with San Antonio rains, no one should take any chances with clogged gutters.

To Sum It Up

Faulty roofs can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Lack of or improper maintenance can have devastating effects on the integrity of the roof, and some of the issues (such as improper ventilation) can mean the entire home is not safe to live in until the problem is fixed. But that doesn’t need to be the standard. With just a few extra routine checks, homeowners can successfully keep up with roof maintenance and avoid any unpleasant (and costly) surprises.

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May 24, 2022

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