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Why Should I Sign a Buyer's Representation Agreement With My REALTOR®?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

signing a buyer's rep agreement

People are weary of contracts and binding agreements. Signing anything that locks them into working with one individual can come off as a bad idea. But the fact is, signing a buyer’s agreement with a REALTOR® is one of the smartest things a buyer can do.

Why Do They Exist?

The truth is, most people have no idea why a buyer’s agreement even exists. They called a REALTOR® for a reason and intend to follow through the process with that person. Unfortunately, there are people who violate that verbal pact and do some less than ethical things. For instance, someone may call a REALTOR®, have them show multiple houses and negotiate a deal for a particular property. Then, they will go directly to the seller and offer to cut out the REALTOR® for a “better deal.” In this case, the REALTOR® has done a great deal of work, essentially for free. A buyer’s agreement prevents that shady activity.

Trust is a Valuable Commodity

Real estate can be a dog eat dog world at times, so anything resembling stability is considered solid gold. While a REALTOR® will work hard no matter what to earn someone’s business, a REALTOR® will be far more secure in their work knowing that their clients have put trust in them.

A REALTOR® is a salesperson, marketer, administrator, customer service rep and financial advisor all in one. By having a signed buyer’s agreement in hand, a REALTOR® can rest assured that all the incredibly time-consuming work will not be undone by a shark coming along from the distance.

You’re Not Trapped

Even though the agreement protects the professionals’ interests, it also holds the REALTOR® to a standard that is defined in writing. These agreements give the client a sense of security, knowing that their REALTOR® is committing, in writing, to working hard for them.

While signing a buyer’s agreement is a form of a contract with the REALTOR®, no client is trapped in an agreement where they feel their needs are not being met. If at any time they feel like their REALTOR® isn’t fulfilling their end of the deal, a buyer can ask to be released from the agreement and find someone else to help them in purchasing a home.

Skylight Realty Group is committed to providing service that is above and beyond the rest and signing a buyer’s agreement with us, gives both the client and the REALTOR® instant trust and confidence in each other, which is more valuable than any amount of money.


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